5 Best Reusable Freezer Bags For 2020 | Plus How To Label Them Too!

After extensive testing and reviewing over 15 different reusable brands, I’m sharing my top picks and best quality gallon sized reusable freezer bags.

There are so many different varieties of reusable gallon sized freezer bags out there from silicone to PEVA, lay-flat to stand-up styles, single seam and double seam varieties and even different kinds of zipper close tabs.

So, to find out which ones are the best, I researched and ordered in all the different types or reusable gallon sized bags. I tested them all for strength, capacity, stains, smells, leaking and used them to make freezer meals.This post shares all my research data, the winning reusable bags, and my full research processes.

Plus as a bonus I’m sharing my favorite ways to label reusable bags too!

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